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A Caveat

This restaurant has closed. Rocky's Charcoal Grill has open in its place.

San Leandro has been hit by an onslaught of Hawaiian BBQ joints, and Aroma Kitchen (located at the space left vacant by Daimo Express, a Chinese BBQ joint) is one of the herd. In addition to Hawaiian BBQ plates, it offers a rather extensive menu of Chinese items, some of which seem to be "Hawaii Style." They also have curries and saimin. We got a to-go order from them in June 2005 and all I can say is that I hope for their sake that they do Chinese better than they do BBQ.

Mike got the Teriyaki Chicken BBQ plate ($ 4.50) and I got the BBQ Combo which included Teriyaki Chicken, Aroma Pork Chop and Hawaiian Short Rib ($6.25). The chicken was disgusting. They were large, flat pieces but had the weird consistency of canned chicken, it was tender but there was no flakiness at all. The marinade wasn't particularly good either. The marinade in the Aroma pork chop was better, it had a gingerly flavor which I liked, but the meat was stringy, thin and fatty. I was starving so I ate it, but I wouldn't order it again.

The macaroni salad was quite good. It had a little kick from its spices and my daughter loved it.

With so many more alternatives for Hawaiian BBQ and Chinese food in San Leandro, I wouldn't bother going to Aroma Kitchen again.

Aroma Kitchen
300 W. Estudillo Ave
San Leandro, CA
Mo-Sa: 11 am - 8:30 pm