Phuping Thai

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Note: This restaurant has closed

We first tried out Phuping Thai, a Thai restaurant at the Pacific East Mall in Richmond, in July 1999. We'd been meaning to go to the restaurants at the mall for a long time, and we certainly were happy to try this one out.

The food was excellent, some of the best Thai food I've had in the Bay Area. As an appetizer we shared a plate of pork satay which was delicous. For dinner we had gail yang - bbq chicken in a sweet garlic sauce, which was good but nothing special, moo ping, sliced pork with a sweet and spicy plum sauce (believe the spicy part), which was also excellent and chicken panang curry. This last dish was soooo delicious that we thought we'd die and gone to heaven. The sauce was very thick, it almost approached an indian curry, and incrediby fragrant. I would very much recommend it.

Service was impecable, they even packed our leftovers in the kitchen (rather than give us boxes to do it ourselves), and the place is rather nice, specially for a mall restaurant.

Prices are on the expensive side - appetizers, saldas and soups are $7-$8, main dishes $8-11 (the more expensive ones are seafood) and even pad thai is $9. Still, well worth it.

We revisited the restaurant in August 1999, and ordered the quail and beef panang curry. The grilled quail was OK, though nothing special. The panang sauce was still delicious, but it did not go well with the beef - the beef was unable to absorb the flavor adequately, and it was a bit tough. Service, once again, was excellent.

Phuping Thai
3288 Pierce St.
(in Pacific East Mall)
Richmond, CA 94808
(510) 558-3242