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Summary: Quaint surroundings don't really make up for mediocre food at this down-home San Leandro restaurant.

Update 10/06

I can't say that I like the Pelton Cafe very much. Or rather, I like the Cafe itself, the small diner with its aging waitresses and clientele hearkens back to another epoch that I've only visited in pictures. When we go there, we feel like we are in the little town that San Leandro surely was once, among friends and neighbors. I don't think you can find a more "homely" restaurant than the Pelton Cafe, it may not be homely quaint as a Kincaid picture, but it really has a heart.

Unfortunately I don't find the food appealing. In a way, it's typical American food the way it used to be a couple of decades back: out of packages rather than freshly made. And it's cheap, extremely cheap, but that means that you can forget about finding fresh orange juice here, you should bring your own maple syrup if you can't stand that corn stuff and you can give up your dreams of fancy sausages or interesting combinations. Their toast comes pre-buttered (or pre-margarined?) and accompanied by little packages of jelly, their cinnamon toast has not heard of sugar and their french toast could use some pizzaz. Still, Mike loves to come here for breakfast. He always orders the same thing, a combination that includes eggs, pancakes, sausages, etc.; he always asks if they have low-fat milk (they still don't), and he's happy and at home. I suffer, drink a watery hot chocolate (with real cream, however), and sometimes have a burger or a grilled cheese sandwich (extremely cheap, not that great). The things one does for love.

So, my recommendation is that you give this place a try and see if it's for you. If you are a food snob, however, you may want to steer yourself (and your hubby) away from it.

Pelton Cafe
194 Pelton Center Way
San Leandro