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A Caveat

Thai West is the closest Thai restaurant to my parents' house and we stop there for a meal almost every time we're in town. The food is very good and it's cheap and convenient. Indeed, we would love to have a restaurant like it anywhere near our home.

On our last visit, we stopped for a very late lunch on a Saturday in November 2004. It was too late for the lunch specials ($5.50 - served until 3 PM) so we ordered from the regular menu. Mike had the chicken pad thai ($6.25) which he liked very much. It tasted exactly like pad thai should, the noodles were fresh (lately he's been getting a lot of old noodles when ordering this dish) and the chicken succulent. Strangely, there was no tofu in the pad thai. An added plus for me was that the bean sprouts were served on the side rather than mixed in with the pad thai, as I don't like bean sprouts this saved me the arduous job of separating them )

I had BBQ chicken ($6.25) which was also quite good. The sweet sauce in particular is simply delicious. The white meat was a little too dry but the dark meat was great. Both mine and Mike' s portions were a good size, though not large enough for leftovers.

On other occasions I've had their chicken satay and their masaman and panang curries, which we've also enjoyed. Their menu is very extensive and offers intriguing dishes I haven't seen elsewhere, such as chicken ruby (deep fried baby hen stuffed with pork, chicken and shrimp and topped with sauce) and meats with mint. I'll have to try them next time.

Thai West
9839 Topanga Canyon Blvd.
Chatsworth, CA
Open M-Sa 11 AM - 10 PM