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In April 2007, Mike and I found ourselves hungry after exploring Pike Place Market for some time. There are plenty of stands and delis selling all sorts of foods, but I wanted to find a place where we could sit down and relax for a while. That is harder than it sounds at the market, where everything seems very small and very hectic. For that reason, we were happy to find Pike Place Bar & Grill, which overlooks the market.

The small restaurant features wooden booths and is very reminiscent of a plethora of restaurants of the kind, with a burger-plus based menu, free refills and casual yet attentive service. Prices are also reasonable, with burgers and sandwiches averaging $9. More elaborate meals hover in the low teens. Dinners, meanwhile, are limited (three fish, four meat, two pasta) and are mostly in the high teens.

Mike couldn't decide between the halibut fish and chips ($12) and the BBQ burger ($8.50) so I suggested we order both and share. That turned out to be a good call, as both were very good. The halibut was a little bit under-seasoned, though it was nothing that some salt and lemon juice couldn't help (Mike preferred the malt vinegar). The breading wasn't too thick and it stuck well to the fish. It wasn't greasy and we both enjoyed it. My only qualm was that the three pieces of fish were pretty small, though there were plenty of fries to make up for it. We also liked the tartar sauce that came with it and Mike was won over by their cole slaw - which was both fresh (there is something to be said for crunchy cabbage) and flavorful.

The burger was just as a good, if not better. The meat itself was actually indistinct, but the grilled onions were wonderful and their Bourbon BBQ sauce was a hit; it had a subtle, not overly sweet flavor and was very well balanced. The burger was a nice size, and I was definitely full after my half. You definitely have to order it when you visit.

We didn't get any dessert, but we had a great, relaxing time and we'd definitely go again (and get that burger).

Pike Place Bar & Grill
90 Pike St.
Seattle, WA