Old South Bar-B-Q

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Old South Bar-B-Q is a pretty decent BBQ place in San Leandro. It offers bbq ribs, sliced beef, turkey, chicken and links with a choice of mild, medium or hot sauces. Dinners come with two side dishes (potato salad, cole slaw or baked beans) and a cornbread roll. They also serve sweet potato pie, pecan pie and peach cobbler, but we've never tried them.

The meats are generally very good (we generally get ribs, sliced beef and/or links), tender, smoky and very flavorful. Their sauce is also quite good, though we like E&J's better. Old South's resembles E&J's, but it a less flavorful. Good, but not exquisite.

Mike always orders potato salad as a side dish (so he gets four portions, including my own) and he really likes it. The prices are also very good. Dinners are under $8, and they include a lot of meat.

Old-South is mainly a take out place. They deliver once in a while, with a minimum $20 order. You can also eat there, but the restaurant is not very comfortable and it has no ambiance to speak of.

Old South Bar-B-Q
16680 E. 14 St.
San Leandro