Daimo BBQ Express

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Note: This restaurant has closed. A Hawaiian BBQ joint has openened up in its place.

I'm always looking for places close to home where we can get cheap take out (especially in this heat!) so when we got the flyer for Daimo BBQ Express in the mail, I suggested we try it. Daimo BBQ Express (there is also a Chinese restaurant called Daimo in the neighborhood, I don't know if they are related) is conveniently located on Estudillo and Hays St., behind the Safeway and the strip mall. It's a pretty small place, with a long counter between the "dining room" and the kitchen and features only six tables. Still, most people (and it was pretty busy when we went) were getting their food to go.

The menu is extremely limited. They offer 3 types of meat in 4 combinations (chicken for $4.50, chicken and veal rib for $5.50, and chicken, veal rib and spare rib for $6.50). You can order extra meat for $1.35 to $2.25 (depending on the meat), and the combos come with rice, vegetables (broccoli, carrots and cucumber) and a soda. Their menu also features deep-fried wings (2 for $1.50), fried wontons (10 for $1) and egg rolls (2 for $1.50), which we didn't try.

We did sample all the meat and they were very good. The chicken was a little bit fatty, though extremely tasty and the spare ribs were extremely tender and flavorful. They are not actually barbecued. They are cooked on an electric grill, but the soy-sauce-based marinade fills them with flavor. Mike also really liked the vegetables.

This is not terribly fast food - you do have to wait for the meats to cook - but it's worth it, especially at the price!

I'm sure we'll go back to Daimo BBQ Express again and again.

Daimo BBQ Express
300 W. Estudillo Ave.
San Leandro, Ca
11 AM - 8 PM Daily