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A Caveat

Note: Chubby has closed and Casa Maria #2 has opened at its location

A couple of weeks ago while driving on East 14th towards Oakland we saw that Doo Rae Bak Korean Restaurant had closed and that "Chubby Seafood and Burritos" was opening in its place. A few days later (December 2004) we decided to try it for lunch.

The restaurant looks similar with its black-and-white tile floors, formica tables and plastic booths. It's now decorated with bumper stickers, flags and plaques from different sports teams, but it still looks spartan and cold. They do have a fish tank with three large fish that grabbed Mika's attention for a while.

Chubby's menu includes fried fish, hoagies & burgers and burritos. Fast food San Leandro style, I guess.

Mike decided on the fried fish (four pieces for $7) with two pieces of sole and two pieces of catfish. Mike liked it; the fish seemed fresh, the coating wasn't overly thick and it was well cooked. I thought it was bland, though the tartar sauce helped.

I had the teriyaki steak sandwich ($6 for a full one, $3.50 for half) which was more disappointing. The steak itself had no teriyaki flavor at all. It was also fatty and there was little of it in comparison to the bread. I loved the sauce it came with, however (some type of mayonnaise based sauce).

Dishes come with a choice of french fries or chips and salsa; we got one of each. The fries were OK, although not as crispy as I like them. The chips and salsa were obviously not fresh, and the salsa was pretty spicy.

Mika had a shake ($2.50 for a 20 oz one) which was made with soft-ice cream and she seemed to like. We had serve-yourself fountain drinks ($1.50).

Chubby Seafood and Burritos
458 E. 14th St.
San Leandro, CA
M-Sa 11am - 8:30 pm