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Tacos de Discada

Chihuahuan Tacos

Surprisingly enough, this was my first time making tacos and the first time making Mexican food in a long, long time. I chose this recipe as it's one of the most traditional ones in Chihuahua. The meat for the tacos is traditionally made on top of one of the discarded disks from a plow - thus its Spanish name "discada". You can use any large, flattish pan you have around.

My version of the discada varied quite a bit from the traditional recipe (though of course, when can expect that there must be many discada recipes around). One of the reasons was that the recipe wasn't specific as to how to cut the meats, I decided to hand-chop everything. I cut the beef, for example, into very small cubes. Also, the recipe asked for jalapeņo chilies, but I wanted my kids to eat it (which they didn't anyway) so I substituted green bell peppers instead. The Mexican chorizo I used was in a plastic casing and it came apart as I pulled it out - I'm not sure if that's the type of chorizo the original recipe asked for. Finally, after a recent fiasco with too-alcoholic meat, I decided to decrease the quantities of beer and tequila.

The results were good. My husband really liked it, but I thought it needed more flavor. You may want to try using the original recipe instead of mine.

Chihuahuan Tacos



Fry the bacon in a large flat pan, until done. Add the chorizo and cook until done. Add the meat, the beer and the tequila. Cook until the liquid is almost gone. Add the onions, garlic, bell pepper, tomatoes and salt & pepper. Cook until the meat and vegetables are cooked thorugh.

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