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A letter from an Azerbaijani

This concerns my Azeri menu posted at Dear Margarita, I recently came across your International Recipes web site and I was thrilled to see the section you created on Azerbaijani food among many others. Needless to say, I clicked … Continue reading

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I’m a bitter person

And here is another piece of feedback I got recently – I suspect from someone related to a restaurant I’ve given a bad review to: “I don’t know who you are or what are you trying to do with all … Continue reading

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Comments on Appalachia

A few years ago I cooked an Appalachian dinner, and in my description of my impressions of the region I wrote how I’d imagined it to be “poor, backwards, even third-worldish.” Many people from Appalachia took offense with that description, … Continue reading

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Albanians are also angry at me

I have managed to offend many nationalities through my international food project. Some day I’ll post all the comments from Appalachians I’ve gotten for comparing Appalachia to the third world – but a more recent comment was from an Albanian … Continue reading


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Another angry Bolivian

I got another message from a Bolivian woman angry at my comments about Bolivian food. Oh well, honesty just doesn’t jive with some people. In any case, I understand her points. It’s true that I only spent a few days … Continue reading


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Dictionary of Bolivian Food

One of my readers, a Bolivian living in Japan, was dismayed at my feelings about Bolivian food as represented on the page on the matter. She understood how difficult it was to get inspired by a cuisine when you can’t … Continue reading


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Cou Cou

From time to time I’ve gotten comments on my write ups about the different cuisines I have explored. Mostly they are complimentary, but sometimes people are very offended at what I’ve written and want to set me straight. For example, … Continue reading


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