Review: Gobble’s Burmese Shredded Chicken with Coconut Rice & Burmese Salad


Rating 9/10

This Gobble kit for Burmese Shredded Chicken with Coconut Rice & Burmese Salad has to be my favorite (tasting) kit meal so far! It was tasty, scrumptious, exotic, not spicy, just satisfying. It had a great mix of textures, it hit all the right notes and combined perfectly. This very much was a ‘sum of its parts” meal – I would have been very happy with a meal like this at a restaurant.

Even my super picky daughter liked it – she’d rate it 8/10!

My only criticism is that I didn’t feel like I was actually cooking anything. The coconut rice was pre-cooked, the chicken was pre-cooked, the sauce and vinaigrette was pre-made. All I had to do is arm things up and put them all together. Obviously all necessary to get this meal on the table in 15 minutes, but still, something was missing.

The taste, though, made up for it. Also, there was too little salad – about half as much lettuce as needed.

I (think I) paid ~$14 for this kit or $7 per serving, with a promo good for one week.


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