Cuba & Czech Recipes up


I have re-started my international food project, a project to cook food from different cuisines alphabetically. I started this a decade ago, and I’m still on the “C”s. Part of the problem has been that originally I was making complete menus for each cuisine and serving them at dinner parties – with two kids, a constantly messy house and limited time, “dinner parties” have not been happening for us for years. So, I’m now going to be cooking a sample of dishes from each cuisine over a number of nights. That means that I’m less likely to make appetizers (which is not necessarily a bad thing, as appetizers are not as common in many cuisines) and even desserts.
In the last few weeks I’ve made Czech, Cuban and Creole food. I’m still working on the latter, but here are the recipes for the two former:
Marga’s Cuba Culinary Adventure
Marga’s Czech Culinary Adventure


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