Two New Cookbooks

In the last few days I’ve gotten a couple of new (for me) cookbooks through, a service which allows you to trade cookbooks online. This is what I’ve got:
Ma Cuisine by Auguste Escoffier, the god of French haute cuisine. Ma Cuisine is directed to the home cook and I’m fully intending on doing at least a couple of recipes from there.
LA Vera Cucina Italiana: The Fundamentals of Classic Italian Cooking. I’m actually planning to read this book in addition to cooking from it.
I was also supposed to get The Cooking of Southwest France : Recipes from France’s Magnificent Rustic Cuisine but the book seems to have been lost in the mail 🙁
Anyway, I do have a fair number of cookbooks and I really should make a point of cooking a recipe from one cookbook (as opposed to epicurious) a week.

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