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2010 Update: Double B has closed. Sylantro Vietnamese Cuisine has opened in its location.

I thought I had written a review of Double B Ranch & Grill a couple of months ago, when Mike and I had dinner there. However, I can’t find it anywhere, so it must only have been written in my imagination. Of course, a couple of months are a long time and I now don’t remember the meal in great detail, so I’ll do the best I can 🙂
My general impression of Double B Ranch & Grill was that it was an OK restaurant, but grossly overpriced for the atmosphere and food. The restaurant is located in a strip mall, and the inside looks like it, though it’s been spiffed up with a cowboy theme. The menu is brief, specializing on grilled items, with prices in the mid-to-high teens for most entrees – even for lunch!
I had a cheeseburger ($10), despite the fact that they will not cook it medium rare (one good reason to not go back). It was OK, a bit dry as it was overcooked. The cook also forgot to take the piece of paper that separates cheese slices, so I found myself eating paper! Not a big deal, however, just somewhat amusing.
Mike had the ribs (and he had them again at a subsequent lunch visit) and he liked how off-the-bone tender they were, but he found them too dry. The BBQ sauce was OK, nothing spectacular. The portion was generous (it should be, for $17!) and came with beans (which he liked) and run of the mill steak fries.
In all, it wasn’t a bad meal but not one I’d have again at those prices.
Double B Ranch & Grill
967 Manor Blvd
San Leandro, CA
(510) 352-1874
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