New Vietnamese Restaurant & Grill in town


saigon.jpgSaigon 2, a Vietnamese restaurant, has opened in San Leandro. I haven’t been there yet, so I can’t report on it, but it’s getting mostly postive reviews at Yelp.
That said, do we really need a new Vietnamese restaurant in San Leandro. As far as I know, we already have 5: Vo’s, Le Soleil (my favorite), Pho Anh Ha, Tu Tai (where I haven’t been) and Halan (is that the one near K-Mart?). There might be others (if so, let me know). Now, in a town with just one Thai Restaurant, with no Indian, no Ethiopian, no French, no South American and no Middle Eastern restaurants – do we need six Vietnamese restaurants? How about some variety!!!!
Anyway, I may or may not give it a try. If you do – please let me know what you think of it. It’s located at 2113 Marina Blvd (between Menlo St & Doolittle Dr) and there is a 10% off coupon in last week’s San Leandro Times.

I also saw in the San Leandro Times an add asking for waiters/staff for a new restaurant in Manor Square. The restaurant is called Double B Bar & Grill and I know absolutely nothing about it. They don’t have a phone number in the ad, so I can’t even call and ask. Again, if you know something about it, comment here or e-mail me.


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