Amazing Taste Seasoning for Pork


A couple of months ago I got a message from the Amazing Taste company asking me to review their spice mixes. I got them in the mail soon after, but for one reason or another, I hadn’t gotten to try them until now. Tonight I made pork chops with their seasoning for pork, and I was very happy with the results.
The seasonings (the package doesn’t specify what spices it uses) gave the pork a grilled flavor, even though I had cooked it in the George Foreman (where I grill during the winter). Both Mike and I liked it quite a bit. My only concern is that in addition to spices, the package contains a lot of other ingredients: rice flour and tapioca starch (I imagine they are there for volume), caramel and dextrose (for color and sweetness?) and soy lecithin (an emulsifier, to prevent the seasonings from coming off?), among others. I tend to prefer spice mixes that only contain spices.
One package was enough for 8 pork chops, rubbed on both sides.
Another thing I liked about the mix, is that it allowed me to make dinner quite quickly. I usually either dedicate hours to cooking, or make something quick like frozen ravioli. This was a good in-between.
I gave the chili spice mix to my friend Desiree, and she also said she liked the resulting chili very much.
I still have a couple of more envelopes to try with other meats, and I’ll review them as I try them.
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