Red Diamond Cabernet Sauvignon 2006


I bought this wine at Trader Joe’s yesterday, I think for about $7, give or take a dollar. It was one of the wines being promoted. We had it last night with the Patagonian roasted lamb with apple-curry sauce, and it actually went pretty well. I found the Red Diamond to be all in all a pleasant wine, but a bit too acidic. It didn’t have the balance of an older or more expensive wine. But it was moderately fruity, with light tannins and perfectly OK to drink.
I probably wouldn’t buy it again, because it’s not special enough to merit a second try, but I won’t mind drinking the leftovers tonight 🙂


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  1. Hewlett says:

    Is the Red Diamond Cabernet Sauvignon a kind of red wine? I just wanted to know your reasons why its not worth another merit. 🙂 Since you have said quite a lot of pretty good things about it. I was looking for some nice and affordable red wines to be included in my diet. I just found out that it could strengthen my immune system.

    Hewlett from Amortisseur voiture 

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