2007 Firefly Ridge Pinot Gris

As I said before, I’m done buying wines at Safeway. But before that realization, I got a bottle of Firefly Ridge Pinot Gris, which was supposedly 40% or so off (I think I paid $8 or so). Of course, now I know that Safeway gives inflated regular prices to off-brand wines they get in bulk, to then discount them heavily. Scammers.
Anyway, I couldn’t find any information at all about Firefly Ridge winery online. And all I can tell from the bottle is that the grapes come from the Central Coast and the winery is in Livermore and Ripon.
Now, as to the wine. It was crisp, light but with some body to it, easy to drink and with hints of fruit. It was almost sweet and almost bitter, but not quite. Its acidity came forward when drank in conjunction with some broiled lamb chops. In all, not an unpleasant wine, but not particularly interesting. I’d drink it, unless there was a better choice, but I wouldn’t buy it again.
Mike, on the other hand, didn’t like it at all, and was concerned at how much we paid for it. Live and learn.


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  1. Marga,
    I also was looking for information about Firefly Ridge online. I was very excited about the sale we found, so we got 18 bottles for our wedding. I was just looking for a local, California wine and this seemed to fit the bill. However, now that I can’t find anything about the company online, I feel deceived. I don’t mind if it is a house wine of sorts, but I wish they’d say that on the bottle. Lesson learned: check online BEFORE buying.

  2. tom

    Try going to snooth and they have some of it rated. I bought some at Safeway for $6 a bottle and think it is a deal. Especially compared to wines the same price at Trader Joe’s. Nothing to write home about, but I can serve it to guests and not be embarrassed.

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