Pea Soup Andersen’s – Santa Nella

Never say never, right? Reading back my old review of Pea Soup Andersen’s, it sounds like I’d sworn never to go back – but last weekend we found ourselves driving down south and hungry by the time we got to Santa Nella. And your choices for food in Santa Nella are limited: Pea Soup Andersen’s, the restaurant at the traveler’s center (which might have changed names since that review), and fast food. So I thought we’d give Pea Soup another chance. I probably wouldn’t again.
It’s not that the food was particularly bad. Mike actually enjoyed his croissant club sandwich ($9 or $10). But it wasn’t particularly good either. My BBQ Western Burger (~$10) came with bacon, 2 onion rings and BBQ sauce (I asked for it on the side), but it was cooked medium-to-well-done, rather than the medium rare I had asked for. As a result it was dry. It still tasted fine, however. The portions were very generous, though I wished they were smaller and so was the price tag. I’ve noticed that prices of burgers at restaurants have gone through the roof (I recently had a $17 burger at Adagia), but come on! – if I pay $10 for a burger I want it to be good, if not excellent.
Anyway, I think next time I may actually drive a couple of miles out of the way to Los Baños and have something to eat there instead.
Pea Soup Andersen’s
I-5 Exit 407
12411 S Highway 33
Santa Nella, CA
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  1. I’m afraid you’re about 40 years or so too late for a good meal at Anderson’s. As a long time traveler between SF & LA I have to pass on this one, although I do have pleasant memories of the “old days” everytime I spot the old billboards.

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