Birthday Party Menu for 6 year olds

Yesterday was Mika’s 6th birthday parties. She had 5 friends over, as well as her 3 yo sister. I don’t want to tell you the mess they made! But hey, that’s for Mike (mostly) to clean up! They did have the time of their lives, though.
The party included dinner, and Mika wanted the main dish to be apple chicken sausage. This is what else I served:
-carrots with ranch sauce
-cubed Monterey Jack cheese (went over very well)
-laughing cow cheese (they didn’t like it much)
-Ardell’s apple chicken sausage, sliced
-cheese tortellini with butter (and grated cheese for those who wanted it)
-fruit salad
It all went over pretty well. I didn’t feel bad that I was feeding them too much junk, and the kids enjoyed the food. There was a lot of waste, of course, and also a lot of leftovers.

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