2005 Tierra Salvaje Carménère

I have nothing to say about this Chilean TJ wine, as I didn’t actually drink it. It’s a kosher wine, which I didn’t realize when I bought it, not that it matters to me. In any case, I used this wine to marinate some braised short ribs I’m making today, so I wanted to remember what it was to let you know (and me) how the recipe turned out. I’m now off to throw away the bottle 🙂


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  1. SSW

    So how did the short ribs turn out? Didn’t you even take a sip of the the wine? I always do. Now I am wondering about the wine as much as the short ribs.

  2. The short ribs turned out great, though I think I liked the ones I made before (http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/235843) better.
    I should write the recipe, in any case, but it’s pretty long and I’ve been lazy lately.
    I took a small zip of the wine, so I can’t really describe it. It seemed to be full bodied and dry, but I can’t say anything else. I think I’ll buy another bottle for my Hannukah celebration in a couple of weeks and then I’ll post a review.

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