Vintner’s Cellar Dolcetto

dolcetto.jpgLast night we opened the bottle of Vintner’s Cellar Dolcetto we won at the “Day at the Casa” raffle a couple of weeks ago. We’d drank the other of bottle of wine we won previously. The wine itself was pretty good. It resembled a muscat in being golden and sickingly sweet, and it tasted of honey and fruit. It was a bit alcoholic, though, reminding me of a madeira. It had a smooth, yet bitter finish. We both liked it.
Alas, I’m puzzled as to what this wine actually is. I researched it on the internet, and dolcetto is a black grape from Italy. The wine it produces is dark red, as I confirmed by doing a search of images of dolcetto. This one, as mentioned, was golden colored. Still, the bitter finish is associated with dolcetto – was it for that, I’d just conclude it was a mislabeled muscat.
The wine was produced by Vintner’s Cellar, a make-your-own-wine chain. It’s labeled as a Vintner’s Cellar wine, so I don’t know if this means that they made it, or if the person who donated it made it there but did not use a customized label. To add to the puzzlement, Vintner’s Cellar at least now does not offer dolcetto or muscat. Also, there is no Vintner’s Cellar in this area, so this wine must have travel somewhat.
All that said, it was pretty good, and we are sure to finish it.

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  1. Oooh, I learned a bit more about this wine. I found another Vintner’s Cellar website at, and they do list Dolcetto as a wine:
    ” DOLCETTO (White Ice Wine)
    Rich, sweet, well balanced wine with hints of peach & apricot.”
    So I guess it’s not supposed to be a dolcetto, it’s just called that.
    In any case, I am enjoying it as we speak.

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