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Updated 5/11

Cafe Americano has been closed for a while now. I think the building is for lease.

Update 3/10 Cafe Americano is now under new management. They are serving simple breakfasts (bagels, eggs, bacon,sausage, ham), cold sandwiches (ham, roast beef, roast chicken, pastrami and turkey – all $5), salad sandwiches (egg, tuna, seafood, chicken, all $5) and several hort sandwiches, most $5. For the vegetarians they offer avocado & cream cheese sandwiches ($5). They continue serving coffee drinks at *very* reasonable prices. That said, I haven’t check them out so I can’t opine on the quality.

Cafe Americano opened a block away from my house a month or two ago, but it wasn’t until today that I visited it. I generally hang out at Zocalo, which is much further from my house but has a play area for children. Cafe Americano is very nice, it has newly painted orange walls and multi-colored chairs, but it’s small and there is no space for kids. It has, on the other hand, a full sandwich menu making it a great place to get both a latte and lunch.
Indeed, it was in search of lunch that we went there today. I had their spicy tandoori lamb kebab wrap, while Mike had their regular tandoori chicken kebab wrap. I liked mine much better. The ground lamb kebab had a strong lamby taste and it was nicely seasoned. It was spicy but not too much. My only complaint was that there wasn’t enough meat for the vegetable content (but it was a pretty large wrap, and at $5 definitely well priced). It was also a bit on the thick side, so it was difficult to get both the lamb and the veggies on the same bite. Mike really liked the chicken kebab, though the chicken seemed overprocessed to me. I’d definitely stick with the lamb.
They also offer a whole array of “American” sandwiches which I may or may not try again, as I said, I may just stick with the lamb 🙂

I didn’t try their coffee products, but they also have a whole array of cold drinks. We had a strawberry smoothie ($3.50 I think) and I was disappointed. It was more like a shake, consisting of ice cream and a strawberry product, and it tasted like fake strawberries. Mika drank quite a bit of it, but wasn’t too enthusiastic, and Camila didn’t drink hers at all. On the plus side, the smoothies are very large, and they were very nice in serving one smoothie in two cups.

Most of the pastries I saw were in plastic wrapped and did not look very appetizing. However, they had three types of refrigerated cake, including chocolate and carrot. They had canned and bottled drinks as well.

Cafe Americano also offers wireless but their service seems to be spotty, at least it was this afternoon.

Given that this place is so close to my house, I’m sure I’ll go back again, probably when I don’t want to prepare my own lunch 🙂

Cafe Americano
2150 Washington Ave (at Marina Blvd)
San Leandro, CA 94577
(510) 895-8044

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  1. Monica

    Hi! My name is Monica. Thank you for reviewing my parent’s work place. We were soo surprised that you put up a blog entry. We really apreciate it that you came, blogged, and your nice comments. I just wanted to say that
    1. Our sandwiches are now only $4.25 or $4.50!
    2. We have a new number: 510-969-5179
    3. We also are now serving Strawberry Cheesecake Chunk ice cream.
    4. We have frappacinos.
    Thank you for coming. We hope that you come again.

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