Fiestas Pizza

A couple of days ago I got a flyer from a new pizza joint called “Fiestas”. It’s located in Oakland but it serves San Leandro (and other parts of the East Bay)Its menu is pretty standard, basically pizza, salads and chicken wings, and I thought I’d give it a try. I went for their 3 2-topping medium pizzas for $15 deal, which seemed a pretty good deal.
The pizza was fine, one notch above Dominoes. There was a good amount of cheese and toppings. It wasn’t anything special, but I’d order it again. I wouldn’t say the 2-topping pizzas we ordered were “gourmet,” though we didn’t try their specialties.
Fiestas Pizza
6432 International Boulevard
Oakland, CA


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  1. Steven

    I like this service called a Fiestas Pizza.
    Pizza was pretty good and taste better than some others.

  2. Salma

    Ooh my god,
    We ordered pizza last night,flier from my door
    Pizza called FIESTAS pizza we found some roach
    big CoacROACH from a pizza What a hell is going on I called back to Fiestas pizza the lady hangged the phone Do not take these bad service
    Italian food for Mexican name and Chinese owner
    think about it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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