Keeping cool in San Leandro

San Leandro, like the rest of the country, is undergoing a heat wave. Unused as we are to high temperatures, our homes are not prepared to take them. In our particular case, our house has no insulation to speak of, and heats up like an oven in summer. It’s hot.
So thanks god for Zocalo, the cafe on Bancroft. Zocalo is already my favorite place to hang out – not just because I can drink an iced mocha while the kids play in their corner, but because I always run into someone I know and often I like too. But in this wave heat, their strong air conditioning is the real draw. I guess one of the advantages of remodeling is putting new equipment, and the A/C works remarkadely well for such a large space.
so if you’re hot and thirsty in San Leandro, head to Zocalo for some cool.

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