Time to boycott Chevys


Just earlier today I visited the Chevys’ website to find out when the San Leandro restaurant would be opening. I’m not a fan of chain restaurants in general, but I can’t resist Chevys tortilla chips and beef fajitas. Now I will have to.
I just learned that 8 workers were fired by Chevys for skipping work to attend immigration protests. That is an affront against every immigrant who proudly stands for their rights in this country. As an immigrant, I don’t want to do business with any company that shows so little respect not just for its workers, but for immigrants in general.
I hope that other immigrants, and other Hispanics will join me on boycotting Chevys.


One Comment on “Time to boycott Chevys”

  1. M. Maurer says:

    I’m not sorry to have a politically impeccable reason not to go to Chevy’s. The restaurant chain itself has been deteriorating for a long time. The largely Hispanic staff is hard-working – if anything, *over*worked – which contributes to their general attitude of quiet grimness. The restaurant itself is LOUD and dark. A very irritating atmosphere, and the food is getting blander by the day.

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