Grilled Tri-Tip

For dinner tonight we had grilled tri-tip, grilled corn, migas and a celery salad.
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  1. JoAnne Mushet

    At the risk of sounding totally ignorant….what is tri-tip? My husband and I will be attending a wedding on the west coast and are invited to a tri-tip dinner & I haven’t really been able to figure out if it is the style of dinner or an actual type of meat…..
    Anyone who has an answer by all means please respond

  2. Tri-tip is just a cut of meat, popular by that name in the West Coast mainly. Here is the definition from (a great website to check when you are wondering what any foodstuff is):
    tri-tip roast = tri tip roast = triangle-tip roast = beef loin tri-tip roast = sirloin tri-tip roast Notes: This is a very flavorful cut that’s great for barbecuing as long as you take pains to keep the meat from getting too tough. The trick is to not trim the fat until the roast is cooked so that the juices can tenderize the meat. When it’s done, slice it thinly against the grain. This cut is popular in California, but you might have trouble finding it elsewhere. A steak cut from this roast is called a tri-tip steak. Substitutes: shell roast

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