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I just found an ad for the Crossroads World Market in Hayward. I want to throw the ad away, but I want to make sure I remember the information so I can go check it out sometime. It sells Greek and European delicacies and I definitely need to go to check it out.
Crossroads World Market
230 Jackson St. (at Soto next to DMV)
M-Sa 9-7, Su 10-5


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  1. Marga says:

    I finally went to Crossroads in search of Bulgarian ingredients for a Bulgarian meal. I found quite a few. They do have a wide if eclectic assortment of European products, as well as some Asian and Latin American stuff. They have a wide variety of olives, feta cheeses and sausages from all over the place -including halal stuff – and it’s a pretty cool shop all in all.

  2. Otto says:

    I’ve been going to Crossroads World Market for years with my wife, before they moved to their current location. They used to be at Jackson and Mission. (I guess that’s why they named it Crossroads) Anyway I just wanted to have a friend check it out, but I didn’t know the address and phone number. So I did a search on Google and your page was the only one with the info. Thanks very much I am glad you posted it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    They now have another location in Palo Alto, on San Antonio Rd near Middlefield. Always a fun and interesting shopping experience.

  4. Mika Chuburac says:

    THE BEST foodstore for Mediteranean cuisine
    on the West Coast.
    There is also a sister store in Palo Alto.

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