Not Fleur de Lis for me :(

I’d been looking forward to my birthday dinner at Fleur de Lis since, well, since I made the reservations a few weeks ago. But alas, I had to cancel it at the last minute. Both Mike and I have colds and I wanted to be able to enjoy the full dining experience, not be distracted by a headache or an itchy throat. But more importantly, our little girl was sick with the stomach flu, and we didn’t want to leave her. Canceling turned out to be the right decision, as Mika was unwell throughout the evening.
So my birthday dinner ended up being Indian delivery (not bad, though) and I didn’t even get a cake – oh well.

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  1. Aw man, I remember when you posted about the reservations. That sucks.
    I wish we had Indian delivery around here. All we have is bad pizza and bad Chinese food. I hope the snoozles don’t stay around too darned long.

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