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-Today we noticed a change of ownership announcement at Daimo, the upscale Chinese restaurant on E. 14th. I’m not sure if the El Cerrito branch of the restaurant was also sold and what this means to the restaurant. Stay tuned and I’ll find out 🙂
-We noticed several months ago that Daimo Express, which as far as I know wasn’t connected to Daimo, had closed. A (cash-only) Hawaiian BBQ place has open in its stead. We haven’t tried it yet, but plan to.
-It seems that Hawaiian BBQ has become very popular in San Leandro. In addition to the one mentioned above and Aloha Kitchen, there is also Hawaiian Sista’s Cafe on Manor Blvd. and another Hawaiian BBQ place is said to open at Palma Plaza. We love Hawaiian BBQ so we have no complaints.
-According to an article in the San Leandro Times last week, Latt

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