Birthday catering at Costco

We threw a birthday party for our 3 yo last weekend, and I was too lazy (or busy), to prepare the food myself. As per someone’s suggestion I just went to Costco and got a platter of veggies, one of cut fruit and one of rolled sandwiches. I algo got a couple of big bags of chips and a birthday cake. The prices of everything were significantly cheaper than at the supermarket – though I didn’t compare sizes. In any case, we had about twice as much food as we needed for a party of 7 children and about ten adults.
The quality of the produce was generally good. I didn’t care for the papaya, but the sweet pineapple was delicious. The sandwiches went over well, though I would have liked them more with baby spinach or arugula instead of lettuce. The most disappointing part (for me) was the birthday cake. The white cake tasted like that from a mix, the chocolate mousse had virtually no chocolate taste, though the cream-cheese frosting wasn’t bad. Mike and others liked it but I wouldn’t buy one from there again. At about $15 for a huge cake, it was a VERY good deal.


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  1. Amanda

    I am having a birthday party for my son. He is one years old next week. We have to have enough food for 60 any suggestions on a inexpensive way to do this with out having to prepare everything myself. I work 60 hours a week! I am in a panic

  2. Marga

    All I can tell you is to go to Costco. But for such a large party I wouldn’t even bother with doing food – just cake and ice cream (and they have big tubs of ice cream at costco)

  3. jamie

    Do you know if Costco also will cater an even for you. I heard about this from someone but can’t seem to find any information about it. please help.

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