Dinner at the Parkway

The Parkway theater in Oakland is the only place we know where you can catch a movie and have dinner at the same time. The theater shows second-run movies in two theaters. The big draw are the love seats (get early to get one) and the fact that on Monday evenings you can bring your baby with you. We were regulars at “Baby Brigade” when Michaela was a baby, and now that we have Camila we’ll probably be regulars again.
The Parkway offers a couple of pastas, sandwiches and other fare at premium prices. We weren’t big fans of the food when we used to frequent it two years ago, but it may have improved since. The menu has been shortened (gone is “The Soprano”, a chicken sandwich we actually liked) and the pepperoni pizza, at least, is tastier than it used to be. At $3.75 a slice is one of the most affordable options.
The nachos ($9.50) are another of the safer options. The chips are commercial, but still OK, and the chicken is quite good. However, the cheese had solidified by the time we got them and it didn’t reach the bottom chips.
They no longer seem to carry the delicious lemon bars, but the coconut bars ($3.50) were also great.
We will probably try other menu items in future visits and will report here.

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