Sharon’s Coconut Sorbet

Yesterday we went shopping to Trader Joe’s. As usual, most of what we bought were impulse buys including a pint of Sharon’s Sorbet, coconut flavor that I got a craving for. That’s the problem with being pregnant, you see something and you want it.
I’ve never had coconut sorbet before but I liked it. Unlike other sorbets, it’s quite creamy, which makes sense given that its main ingredients are coconut milk and coconut cream. Still, it’s lighter than regular ice cream which I liked. It had a nice coconut flavor, though I would have preferred more coconut and less sweetness. It wasn’t as refreshing as I wish it was. But it was good.


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  1. Alexx

    Sharon’s coconut sorbet is the best on the planet. If you LOVE coconut, you shouldn’t go on living without this sorbet. It’s that serious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ileana

    If you are looking for low calorie and fantastic taste desert….look no further: Sharon’s Sorbet Passion Fruit flavor, is the best ever.

  3. Janet

    Sharon’s sorbet was discontinued at Trader Joe’s in Menlo Park, Calif. Where else can I buy it? Either Menlo Park, Palo Alto or Redwood City, Calif. We adore the coconut as well as some of the other flavors. Nothing better than the rasberry with fresh rasberries on top. Please respomd, thank you.

  4. Sarah

    I think all Trader Joe’s discontinued Sharon’s Sorbet. I love the coconut and was totally addicted. I found you can order it online (, but I’d rather buy it somewhere too. I’ve looked everywhere with no luck 🙁

  5. janice

    Help, I can’t find Sharon’s Sorbet anywhere in the bay area. Anyone know where to find it now that Trader Joe’s dropped it?

  6. bobbi

    Looking for Sharon’s in Ventura or LA County as well…we should forward this blog to TRader Joe!
    Guess we’ll have to buy online??

  7. I wrote to the people at Sharon’s Sorbet and they tell me that Trader Joe’s will start carrying Sharon’s back this week. So all you guys can now rejoice 🙂
    They were extremely nice, responded to me right away, and they even offered to send me coupons 🙂

  8. Jerry

    Hi all, I found Sharon’s Coconut Sorbet at TJ’s in Daly City! Hope you got your fix too!

  9. Mary Devine

    I bought some Sharons Sorbet at Trader Joe’s in Hiannis, MA and I was wondering if it was sold anywhere in Rhode Island?

  10. Susan

    Costco has 4 packs of 2 raspberry/2 lemon Sharon’s Sorbet. The lemon with fresh raspberries or fresh raspberry puree on top is wonderful!

  11. Christine

    I just bought 2 containers of Sharon’s Sorbet – coconut flavor at Trader Joe’s in Sunnyvale today! They were serving samples of a mango/pineapple/coconut smoothie and my kids went nuts over it!! So I went ahead and bought some sorbet, and frozen mango and pineapple pieces to make smoothies at home!

  12. ChristinA

    I was so disappointed when Trader Joe’s stopped carrying Sharon’s Sorbet too.
    But thank God it’s back. Woo!
    I just ate some Passion Fruit sorbet. They no longer make the vanilla which was really good.
    For some reason the coconut is never in stock at my TJ’s.

  13. Anonymous

    I bought Sharon’s sorber at Sams Club in West Warwick R.I. It was sold in two packs….lemon or raspberry.

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