What’s with San Pellegrino?

Why, why, why, do soooo many restaurants in the Bay Area serve San Pellegrino as their only choice in bubbly water. San Pellegrino is sooo salty that I can only drink it when I’m otherwise dying of thirst. It’s my friend Lola’s favorite, so I buy it from time to time, but I’d never order it myself. Would it kill restaurants to offer both a highly mineralized water and a low mineral water? Or just some plain soda water, please!


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  1. Phil

    That’s easy. It is called a special price. That is why our local Sheetz only carried Pepsi or why Pepsi or Coke is stocked in special places in the store too. The Advantage sell spots like the first place you see when you round the corner goes to those who give them the best price or pay extra for it.
    That is why you see only Mr Salt. It isn’t any better or well liked. It is just they are paying more. Complain enough and they will finally get the picture.

  2. James

    San Pellegrino is one, if not the saltiest mineral water in the world. IMO, it is not suitable for thirst relief but very suitable for a delicious meal. A water that has no salt will make the food taste bland. San Pellegrino, with its salinity, gives the water a very nice edge when accompanying food.

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