Ideas for vegetarian sandwiches

I’ve been asking people for ideas on vegetarian sandwiches to send with DD to school. I’m listing them here to remember them and for the benefit of other parents. If you have more ideas, please post them under comments.
-Cream cheese & cucumber
-PB, cream cheese & cucumber
-Camembert, banana, and salt
-Egg salad (and crackers)
-Tofu salad.
-Yves bologna, ham & salami (veggi meats)
-Avocado & cheese
-Avocado & cucumber
-Tofurky lunchmeat
-cream cheese & olives
– Cream cheese or nut butter with raisins and chopped dates.
-Roasted vegetables and cheese (zucchini, red bell peppers)
-Tomato and cheese
-Apple, celery and cheese
-Sliced pear and cheese
-Pre-grilled portobello mushroom and spread of choice (pesto would be nice)
-BLTs with Fakin Bacon
-Baba ganouj with assorted vegetables
-Spiced/sweetened canned pumpkin and cream cheese


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  1. Sprouts are a fun addition: they add some freshness and generally stay crispy. If you like them, of course.
    A salad wrap can be easy to fix, too: letuce, tomato, cucumber, whatever else (chopped just enough to leave texture) in a tortilla or other flat bread. Probably with mayo or tahini or some other creamy sauce.

  2. verna

    I make a tosted tomato sandwich with basil,sm amt of Feta cheese crumbles, course salt and cracked pepper.I’m not vegetatarian but love vegetables.

  3. Connie

    You can use Veat Chicken or any veggie chicken, sliced for sandwiches or use a food processor to shred the veggie chicken and make the regular type chicken salad or use barbeuce sauce, for barbecue chicken salald with celery, onions, apples, whatever, but you might want to cook the barbecue sauce, before added it to the mix. I love the Yves salami in a Ruebin sandwich, it has a very similar taste to Corned Beef, IMHO. It was a distinct sandwich, I missed so, as a vegetarian. You could also pack Yves veg pepperoni with pizza sauce (in a small leakproof container) and cheese, with pre-baked bread size pizza crusts or crackers, to simulate one of those put together cold boxed kid’s pizza lunches. They are fun to assemble for most kids and a change, from a sandwich.

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