Patagonian Gourmet & Mike’s Roadhouse Cafe

I just posted two reviews from my trip to Los Angeles.
We stopped at Mike’s Roadhouse Cafe in Kattleman City in our way to LA. It was just OK, better than Denny’s. They have a beautiful collection of (overpriced) pedal cars, however.
In LA, we had dinner at Patagonian Gourmet, a whole-in-the-wall Argentine restaurant in Tarzana that was actually quite good. They have a killer chicken escabeche that you have to try.

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  1. Sidney

    I read the review of Mike’s Roadhouse Cafe and couldn’t disagree more! Just stopped there today on my way to LA from the Bay Area (a regular stop for us). The burgers were plump, juicy, and delicious as always. You must have hit it at a freak time, as this place is consistantly good. The service is fast and the prices reasonable. It’s a great stop mid way from north to south.

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