Tango Gelato

Tango Gelato is, as far as we know, the only creamery serving Argentine ice cream in the Bay Area (and possibly in California). If you’ve never had Argentine ice cream you are in for a treat. It’s surprisingly light and dense at the same time (it’s lower in fat than American ice cream but has no air mixed in), and extremely creamy. The dulce de leche ice cream is almost as good as what you can get in Argentina.
If you love sorbet, then you are in for a treat! Argentine sorbets, made with real fruit, are extremely flavorful.
On the minus side, it seems that Tango Gelato has started to cater to American tastes with some definitely American flavors (like green tea). And going to Tango Gelato requires a trip over the bridge (and looking for parking!), as Tango Gelato moved from its previous location in Fruitvale to San Francisco. It’s currently located at 2015 Fillmore Street, between Pine and California streets.


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  1. gelatoyummmmm

    Ah, a fellow ice cream lover, I see. I don’t know about Argentine ice cream, but I’ve been on the quest for best Italian gelato around Berkeley for some time now. Tango gelato is not bad, but the best in my opinion has got to be Sketch Ice Cream in the fourth street shopping area in Berkeley. BTW, there’s a candy store in Berkeley that sells Tango gelato. I forget its name but it’s in the Rockridge area, on College ave, across the street from Safeway and next to the Hearfelt gift store.

  2. Fragments of Thought

    Tango Gelato We discovered it by accident, but the long line out of the door made us curious. We were hungry when we first came here, so we ordered hot sandwich. But everyone else in line ordered their gelato! The…

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