Ironkids Crustless Bread

I was looking for some bread for P&J sandwiches and came across Ironkids crustless bread. What a great invention! We haven’t arrived at the crust issue with Michaela yet, but I hate crusts myself 🙂


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  1. Rebecca

    I tried Ironkids Crustless bread because the nutritional label said that TWO slices had only 110 calories, or a low calorie count like that. I had been trying other breads of a similar low calorie count, but they were HORRID. Ironkid’s Crustless Bread tasted like CAKE. It was so rich and delicious. I went back to the store, but they were out of it, and they have been out of it for several weeks, now. The store is Von’s in Las Vegas, and the manager told me they were not able to get it any more. I found this bread to be a very useful food on my Weight Watchers program, and I told my Weight Watchers classmates about this great bread. Now they can’t get it! PLEASE SEND MORE IRONKIDS BREAD TO VONS.

  2. Nancy

    Where can you find the crustless bread? It was available at a local Super Walmart a few months ago, but then they suddenly stopped selling it.

  3. I think they’ve stopped making it. It’s no longer available at our local Safeway either and haven’t seen it anywhere else for a few months 🙁

  4. Doreen A

    Well we are all looking for it, is the company going to answer our question?

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