Casa S

guacamole Casa Sanchez guacamole is the best commercial guacamole I’ve tasted so far. It’s available at Albertsons and Beverages & More for about $6-7 for a 12-oz tub. It’s expensive, but it’s fresh, it contains no preservatives, oils or fillers. The next best thing to home made.


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  1. Andrea Lehtinen

    I wwill definetly trythis product

  2. Chris Taus

    When I lived in Northern California I could find Casa Sanchez salsa at most grocery stores. It’s the one with the guy in the sombrero riding a giant corn (I think he’s called “Jimmy the Corn”). When I first moved to Los Angeles, I used to be able to find the salsa at BevMo, but I went back recently and they only have Casa Sanchez guacamole if they have anything.
    Do any grocery stores in LA carry Casa Sanchez Salsa ??

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