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A Caveat

We stopped by Mike's Roadhouse Cafe on our way to Los Angeles (May 2004) and I was so unimpressed that I was planning to give it a "D" for being Denny's-like in quality. But in our way back we actually stopped at Denny's and I got to experience their awful burgers again. Mike's burgers may not be particularly good, but they are certainly better than Dennys' processed monstrosities.

In addition to the burgers, (dry, just not very tasty) we ordered a corn dog for Mika which was, well, a corn dog. She didn't eat it, but Mike did and he found it was OK. The fries that came with our dishes were kind of soggy (perhaps actually home made), but yes, better than Denny's. Mika's lunch came with a small sundae which she devoured. It was about half-a-cup, perfect size for a toddler though maybe too small for older children. I ordered a brownie fudge sundae and I was quite disappointed. The brownie reminded me of those that come pre-packaged in plastic; it was moist and chewy but not in a good way. The ice cream and fudge were both low quality. I actually would pick a Denny's dessert over this one.

Prices are in the same league as Denny's and other roadside diners.

On the plus side, Mike's Roadhouse Café features a convenience store (they don't have milk, though) and a beautiful collection of pedal cars, both antique and new. Some of the new ones are for sale, though they are significantly cheaper online.

Mike's Roadhouse Cafe
33225 Hubert Way
Kettleman City, CA
(559) 386-5803