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Once again (November 2007), we were in a trip up north and Mike suggested with stop at Bill & Kathys for dinner. It'd been 4 years since our last visit (see review below), so we'd forgotten how mediocre the place was. Well, it hasn't changed.

Mike had a bacon cheeseburger (~$8-9, I think) which was dry and tasteless. He wasn't happy. I had a NY steak sandwich (~$12) which was OK, it was also dry and a bit tough, but tasted fine. The meat juice on the bread, however, had a strange chemical taste, liquid smoke perchance?. The french fries were crispy, but they tasted mildly of having been fried in old oil. The kids had chicken nuggets, which I guess were OK, they didn't complain. I think there were 5 chicken nuggets to the dish - I don't remember how much it was.

We made the big mistake of ordering a sundae for dessert. It was tiny and consisted only of not very high quality vanilla ice cream and what tasted like Hershey's syrup. I expected more for my $6.

In all it was a mediocre meal and not cheap enough to justify stopping there. Next time I hope to remember to drive to the next town for food.

Original Review

We'd eaten at Bill & Kathy's restaurant in Dunnigan on a previous trip and we hadn't been impressed by the food, but Michaela started screaming for food and this was the closest place to stop. When you have a toddler, proximity trumps quality every time.

In all, Bill & Kathy's wasn't a bad experience for breakfast and we would give it a D, for being Denny's-like-quality.

The breakfast menu was typical if somewhat brief: low quality food and low prices. I had the sourdough french toast with whipped butter and (corn?) syrup and a hot chocolate with "whipped topping." The hot chocolate had been a powder reconstituted with hot water and I don't want to imagine what the "whipped topping" might have been. The french toast was OK; I'd eat it again if I had to.

Mike had the combo: two-generic pancakes, two especially greasy sausages and eggs over medium. Another "OK, nothing special experience." We ordered scrambled eggs for Mika, which were good (i.e. not runny). They only had 2% milk available.

Service was good, the restaurant was clean though the bathrooms were a bit smelly.

Bill & Kathy's
Interstate 5 At Road 6
Dunnigan, CA 95937
(530) 724-3535