Pedro's Taqueria

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Note: Pedro's has closed and Los Pericos has opened its 5th branch at that location

Pedro's used to be our favorite taqueria in San Leandro. It was the first one we tried, and we liked it so much for a long time we didn't see a need to try another one. The food was very good, almost as good as what you can find in the Mission, and we liked the restaurant. I particularly like the round leather chairs, they are not extremely comfortable, but I find them very stylish.

Pedro's menu is your typical taqueria menu, it includes burritos, tacos and quesadillas, as well as plates and taco salads. Their selection of meats is also quite broad, including many Mexican favorites. It caters mostly to the Mexican community in San Leandro.

Both Mike and I really liked their burritos, but we had a couple of problems with them. One, they use too much sauce which means that the burritos are too wet, and for messy eaters like me, this can be a real problem. Still, you can always order them without salsa.

A larger problem, and what made us stop going to Pedro's, is that they often got our orders wrong. I, in particular, do not like burritos with rice and beans, so I always order them without them. Unfortunately, 3 or 4 times my take-out order was messed up and I ended up with rice in my burrito. If it had only happened once or twice, vaya y pase, but 3 or 4 are too much, so now we just go to Los Pericos, where we've never had a problem (so far :). However, if you are going to order something straight out of the menu without modifications, then you should really give Pedro's a try.

Pedro's Taqueria
1389 E. 14th St.
San Leandro