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A Caveat

We were in Vancouver visiting family (November 2007) when we decided to take advantage of Grandma's offer to babysit the kids and go out to lunch alone. We had no idea where to go and spent quite a while driving through town in search of an appropriate restaurant (what I would call "nice"). Tiger's Garden, located in downtown Vancouver, was the first one we came upon, and as we love Thai food we decided to have lunch there. It proved to be a great choice.

Tiger's Garden serves both Laotian and Thai cuisine, though it wasn't easy from the menu to figure out which was which. In any case, many of the things on the menu sounded really good.

I decided to go with the Crying Tiger ($12), a dish of marinated meat with a chili sweet and sour sauce. It was one of the house's specialties and proved to be very good. The almost paper-thin steak had very good flavor and the dipping sauce was somewhat fierce but delicious. I'd highly recommend it. The portion was quite appropriately sized.

Mike chose the yellow curry with chicken ($10) and he couldn't have been happier with his choice. The curry was very well balanced, though I thought it was somewhat mild.

The restaurant is pretty cute, with large windows overlooking the park and a small garden, and beautiful open drapes. The Asian muzak they played was innocuous enough.

Service was fine, nothing to write home about - it took them a bit to take our order, even though there was nobody in the restaurant, but perhaps they assumed we needed even more time to make up our minds.

In all, it was a great experience which we hope to repeat in our next visit.

By the way, according to the menu in the late afternoon the restaurant starts serving mixed drinks and they sounded delicious.

Tiger's Garden
312 W. 8th St.
Vancouver, WA