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Chicago Pizza is one of our favorite pizza delivery places in San Leandro. It's not that the pizza is that special. We never get a hankering for Chicago Pizza and when we leave San Leandro we won't miss it, but it's consistently good. I particularly like the fact that the pizza is not very greasy at all.

They supposedly have both deep-dish and thin, but neither the deep-dish is particularly thick or the thin is particularly thin. They have the usual assortment of toppings (which in San Leandro they always include linguica), none of them are particularly remarkable in a bad or good way.

There are coupons for Chicago's Pizza in the weekly San Leandro Times.

Chicago Pizza
14278 East 14th St. #D
San Leandro, Ca.
Free Delivery
Su-T 11 AM - 11 PM, F-Sa 11 AM - 12 AM.