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We stopped at the Original Pancake House for breakfast on Thanksgiving day 2003. We were making our way from Ashland to Portland, and it was the first place we found open once we got off the freeway in Eugene.

In all, I think the Original Pancake House was an OK choice, better than Denny's. The restaurant is nice enough, with a slight country feeling and well-spaced booths and tables. Service was competent and polite. The food (the menu is online), however, could have been better.

The Original Pancake House specializes in pancakes, and they do have several varieties. But inexplicably, they are accompanied by corn syrup (no maple syrup was available when we asked). I ordered the Swedish Pancakes ("Authentic lacy Swedish pancakes are always a treat. Served with lingonberries from Sweden and whipped butter.") The three crepe-thin square pancakes were good, but they came with lingonberries preserves rather than lingonberries. While they were tasty, they were nothing special and I wouldn't bother ordering them again. While the sweetness of the preserves made me not want to eat any more, it wasn't a particularly filling portion.

Mike had the "Two by Four", two eggs (which he got scrambled) plus four buttermilk pancakes. Neither was special.

I wouldn't go out of my way to go to The Original Pancake House again, but in the absence of better choices we'd stop there for breakfast again. The Original Pancake House is a chain with locations in 24 states.

The Original Pancake House
782 East Broadway Ave.
Eugene, Oregon 97401