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Complaint about Apple Peddler in Sutherlin

Complaint about Apple Peddler in Burns

We stopped at the Apple Peddler for lunch, on our way to California. This is one of a nine-restaurant chain based in Oregon.

The restaurant features basic coffee-shop fare (sandwiches and burgers for lunch, steaks, fish and more complex dishes for dinner) at typical-to-high coffee-shop prices. And unlike similar establishments, you only get one free refill for your soda.

I ordered what has become my typical road-trip lunch, a medium-rare steak sandwich and a coke. The steak was served on grilled bread and it was quite tasty, though nothing extraordinary. It came with a choice of french fries or coleslaw; I got the former and they were just OK.

Mike had the special six-ounce steak and eggs for $6. Mika ate a lot of the scrambled eggs, so they must have been fine. Mike was underwhelmed by the steak.

We decided against getting dessert (though a dutch apple pie tempted Mike). The restaurant was nice and clean; the bathrooms were fine (though they lacked a changing table so we had to change the baby in the car) and service was competent. In all we give this place a D+ (for better than Denny's).

Apple Peddler Restaurant
1350 Northeast Stephens Street
Roseburg, OR
(541) 673-0503