Margarita's Favorite Recipes


This dish is so simple, it doesn't really need a recipe. But it
seems many people don't know about it - so here it is.  It makes
for great sandwiches.

-beef (thin cuts, in the US I use sandwich steaks)
-bread crumbs (plain or Italian style)
-salt, garlic powder, chopped parsley, lemon juice
-olive oil

Tenderize the steaks by pounding them with a meat mallet. 
Children and men seem to enjoy doing this, so you may want
to enlist their help.  Lightly beat the egg(s) with a fork and add
salt, garlic powder and chopped parsley. Mix.  Pass the meat 
through the egg mixture, and then through the bread crumbs.
Coat well.  

Fry in olive oil until done, usually a couple of minutes on
each side.  You can also bake the milanesas on the oven for
a less fatty alternative.  If you fry them, make sure to use a
few paper towels to drain the oil.

You can serve the milanesas plain (traditionally, they go very
well with fried potatos) or in a sandwich.  They are very good
cold, and all that pounding makes them very tender.  You can
also try them with melted cheese, ham and a friend egg on top.

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