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Easy Meatballs

I got this meatball recipe from the cookbook that came
with my first microwave oven, when I was still in college and
had no cooking ambitions at all.  I still cook it fairly often 
because it's quick and easy, and really, really good.

-1 lb of ground beef
-1 egg white
-1/2 cup breadcrumbs (use plain or italian)
-3 cloves of garlic, minced
-1 tsp of oregano
-1/2 tsp of paprika
-1/2 tsp cumin
-a pinch of curry powder (trust me, it's really good)
-salt and pepper to taste
-sauce (see below).

Use your hands to mix all ingredients together.  
Add sauce and continue mixing.  You can use any type of 
pasta sauce if you'll be serving the meatballs with pasta.  
Otherwise, try other types of sauces you may like - a 
personal favorite of mine is b-b-q sauce.  Add enough to 
moisten the mixture, but not to drown it.  Shape meatballs 
into any size you like.

Place the meatballs around the border of a plate.  
Cover then with plastic wrap and cook for 6 minutes in the
 microwave on medium to medium-high temperature (I use 6).
Take out, uncover (be careful not to burn yourself with the
steam that has collected underneath the plastic wrap), and
drain the fat.  Cook on high for about 4 minutes more.

With 1 lb of ground beef, you should be able to cook the
meatballs in two batches.

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