An Asturian Menu

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My first two excursions into Spanish cuisine were so successful that I determined I'd include all regional Spanish cuisines into my exploration of international foods. Fortunately, I was able to find a very good book on the regional cuisines of Spain, from where I've gotten very good recipes and there are many (mostly Spanish language) websites exploring the different gastronomic heritages of the country.

I had little difficulty finding recipes for Asturian food and it was relatively easy to make up my mind on what I was going to cook. I had to cook a fabada, as this is the most typical dish of the region. There were several alternatives for main dishes, but the solomillo al cabrales sounded so good that I knew I was going to make it as soon as I came across it. All in all I have to say that Asturian food met my (by now pretty high) expectations for a Spanish regional cuisine. The dishes were hearty, rooted on the land and yet sophisticated and delicious. They were also considerably different from other regional Spanish dishes I've cooked.

My full menu consisted of:

Of these the Cabrales sauce that accompanied the filet mignon was particularly delicious and I highly recommend you try it.

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