The San Leandro History Book

Censoring San Leandro History

This page was originally published in the summer of 2006

The following are links to documents and notes of conversations with city officials regarding a book commissioned by City Manager John Jermanis. According to the Copeland column, the writer was commissioned to write a book on the history of San Leandro - but when he proposed on his outline to cover the issue of racial discrimination in San Leandro in the 1960's and 70's, he was told in no uncertain terms that he could not do that. Later he was fired from the project. The city has given several versions of what the book was supposed to be about, these are somewhat detailed in the notes from phone conversations. In addition to the people below, I have called David Bohne, Library Services Director, Sheilla Young, San Leandro Mayor, and Ellen Corbett, candidate for State Senate, none of whom have called me back as of yet. I called OB Badger prior to speaking with Jermanis (and I think Jermanis called me back by OB's request), and at the time he said he didn't know anything about this particular book.

  • A History of the San Leandro History Book Project

  • White Washing History
    Brian Copeland's column on this incident
  • Notes of my conversation with John Jermanis
    City Manager of San Leandro.
  • Notes of my conversation with Bill Stephens
    City Council Member for District 5
  • Notes on KB's conversation with OB Badger
    City Council Member for District 1
  • Notes of my conversation with Jane McCrea - 1
    Public Information Officer

  • Minutes of the Library Historical Commission
  • Book Outline
  • PO & Invoices
  • Why San Leandro's censoring of its history matters
  • Apologies Have Power
    Op-Ed by Erna Paris
  • Published by Margarita Lacabe